Restoration/Enhancement, Education, & Research Work Obstruction Removal

Environmental Resources Management Association
Environmental Resources Management Association

Restoration/Enhancement, Education, & Research Work Obstruction Removal

A project done in partnership with Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation and Fisheries & Oceans Canada

Deteriorated dams/water control structures and the accumulating debris associated with collapsed dam timbers create obstructions to fish migration and deteriorate fish habitat. In addition, log driving caused stream bottoms to be covered with drowned pulpwood, bark debris and wood chips.  This accumulation of silts, fines and organic mud smothered the natural stream substrate also rendering the habitat unsuitable for salmonids for spawning and rearing. Furthermore, beaver dams also present a barrier to fish movement, alter sediment transport regimes and increase water temperatures.

Project partners: Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

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Located on the Banks of the Exploits River, one of the top producing Atlantic Salmon Rivers in North America and conveniently just minutes from downtown amenities in Grand Falls-Windsor. Sanger Memorial RV Park features 47 sites that make up a combination of pull-through sites, extra-large lots with views of the Exploits River, 39 sites at 30amps & 8 sites at 50amps.


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