Goodyear’s Dam Salmon Transfer

Environment and Resources Management Association
Environment and Resources Management Association

Goodyear’s Dam Salmon Transfer

A project led by NL Hydro and Fisheries & Oceans Canada.


  • Transfer of salmon from where they had already entered the Grand Falls fishway on the Exploits River to upstream above Goodyear’s Dam.
  • Upgrade of access road and bridge with an addition of a ramp placed at the shoreline to provide access above Goodyear’s Dam on the Exploits River.
  • ERMA’s Biology Division to live trap the salmon at the Grand Falls fishway, transport them in an oxygenated container with release upstream at Boom Landing on the Exploits River
  • Transfer of salmon began on July 1 and ran continuously until September 25 with zero mortalities.


Project Lead: NL Hydro, Fisheries and Oceans Canada


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