Salmonid Interpretation Center

Exhibits on history, biology and habitat of the Atlantic Salmon.


Welcome to the Salmonid Interpretation Centre, located on the Exploits River and one of the largest Atlantic Salmon enhancement projects in North America.

Exhibits on the main floor highlight this development as well as the history, biology, ecology and habitat of Atlantic Salmon.

Visit the observation level and view the “King of Fish” as it migrates upstream to it’s spawning habitat, along with other species including Brook Trout, Sticklebacks and Live Eels.

The site provides an interesting history of Atlantic Salmon and the measures being taken to ensure they have continued access to spawning areas.

Experienced guides will lead you through the site and share details about the “King of Fish” and answer any questions. Videos outlining the development of the site and the Exploits River are played regularly.

The area is quite beautiful and it is so fascinating to stand there and watch the salmon trying to get upstream using the ladder.

I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND a stop here.

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